Name: Markus Brillert
Birth: 1970 / Germany
ART-Theme: SOCIAL PLASTIC +++ „Communication with the unknown“ by the way of paintings, installations in the public space, music, written and spoken words.
Studies of management and sociology (92-96), being a journalist afterwards. Since 2005 studies art by wolfgang genoux (former superior student of joseph beuys) at fiu freie kunstschule hamburg / germany. Since 1988 composer, guitarist and leadsinger for various rock, punk, metal and electronic projects like the well known „spacemood“. Painting since 2001.
Art that means action, transformation and pure statement. The social plastic (by joseph beuys) is an important part of my work.


Exhibitions and Activities 2018
01.09. – 16.09.2018 Spuren – Kunst in der Landschaft, Gruppenausstellung, Kulturstation Bad Bevensen e.V.
Writing at the Volume of Poems titeld „Poems of Life and Moods“
Exhibitions and Activities 2017
Outdoor-Painting and Installations in the public space in Germany- Hamburg, Lüneburger Heide
Release the Spacemood Tape – „Essence of Spacemood (2007 – 2017) including three new tracks
Composing new tracks for the next suedseeboy solo-album in german language out in autumn 2017
Exhibitions and Activities 2016
Outdoor-Painting in Germany – Hamburg, Lübeck – Travemünde, Berlin, Cologne
Writing new shot storys – will be released as a full book via amazon in 2018
Release the Suedseeboy Demo Tape – „Vielleicht kein Jugendlicher mehr“
Composing new tracks for the next suedseeboy solo-album in german language out in autumn 2017
Exhibitions and Activities 2015
Outdoor-Painting in North-Germany – Hamburg, Lübeck – Travemünde
Exhibitions and Activities 2014
Live-Reading Rock´n´Roll Shows in Germany
Outdoor-Painting in Hamburg, Germany.
Exhibitions and Activities 2013
Live-Reading Rock´n´Roll Shows in Germany (u. a. Hamburg, Berlin)
Composing the track “ altona – fußball ohne dicke schecks“ (football with out a lot of money) for the foodball club altona 93 released at the CD from magazin „all to nah“ nr. 19 (500 copies – sold out)
Exhibitions and Activities 2012
September: Installation „Die Honigbombe“ („The Honeybomb“) City Nord, Hamburg, Germany
01. – 30. August: „Blue Informel“, Solo-Exhibition, Portugese, Hamburg, Germany
14.April – 14. May 2012: „Hamburg Harbour“, Solo-Exhibition, Polybox, Bernstorffstrasse 155, Hamburg, Germany
07. March: Publish the Spacemood Single „Action“
03.-09. February: „Realitäten“ (Painting), Solo-Exhibition, Special Guest Finissage: Ben Con Cello, Farbwerke M6, Marktstrasse 6, Hamburg, Germany
Exhibitions and Activities 2011
16. Oktober: Publish the Spacemood Album „Gentrification Radar“
10. September: Public Installation: „Gentrifikation Notruf Telefon“, Hansaplatz, St. Georg, Hamburg, Germany
March: Public Installation: „Zermü(h)lt, Köln, Germany
Sommer: Public Installation: Mini-Tippis – Schanzenpark Hamburg, Germany
2. January: Publish the Spacemood Single „Electro Space Kraut“
Exhibitions and Activities 2010
01. – 24. December: Writing the Childsbook Short-Storys „Fidibelus & Herkules“ (unpublished)
November: Writing the Comic „10 Days in Novembre“
09. – 31. October: „Nauten“, Group-Exhibition, Produzentengallery Viktoria B, Bonn, Germany
8 – 30, October: „Fluxface in Space“, Group-Exhibition, Fort Worth Community Art Center, Fort Worth, Texas, USA
05. October: Publishing the new spacemood longplay record „Evolution Universe“
04. October: Land-Art-Installation: Catamaran, Planten un Bloomen, Hamburg, Germany
24. – 25. July: Fluxus St. Louis, Group-Exhibition, St. Louis, Oregon, USA
21. – 28. June: Donate a chance at life, Hellenic Society of Haematology, Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece
May/ June: 1st South-Russia Biennale of Contemporary Art, Rostov on Don, Russia
24. May: Installions: Goldrush, Big City Jungle, The Attention-Experiment, Mauerpark, Berlin, Germany<br>
08. – 30. May: View from the Window, Group-Exhibition, City-Museum, Weilheim, Germany
24. April: International Mail Art, Group-Exhibition, Mill Gallery, Nyíracsád, Hungary
March/April: „Poor but beautiful“, Group-Exhibition, Liceo Artistico di Quartu Sant’Elena (CA), Italy
11. January publishing the new spacemood ep „mothership“
Exhibitions and Activities 2009
05. – 27. November „Rise & Fall Shows“ (Group-Exhibition) art and music events commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in New York, Miami, Boston, Washington, DC and Los Angeles / USA
17. – 31. October: „Communications“ (Group-Exhibition) Elder Street Gallery, 1101 Elder Street
Houston, Texas / USA.
22. September – 07. Oktober: „Retro“, Artefact Abstract Paintings, Acrylic on wood, Gängeviertel Hamburg, Tischlerei, Hamburg, Germany
12. September – 19. September: „Funktionsmaschine“ (Working-Machine) Installation – Gängeviertel/Passage, Hamburg, Germany
19. August – 02. September 2009 Subversive Correspondence No. 2 (Group-Exhibition)- The Gallery at Willesden Green – London/UK
21. – 23. August 2009 „Whistling past the graveyard, stepping on the cracks“ (Group-Exhibtion)- The Tunnel – Platamon’s Castle Pieria, Greece.
20. – 23. July 2009 Subversive Correspondence (Group-Exhibition)- Broadwalk Arts Space in Bristol/UK
10. mai 2009 GWA St. Pauli Art – Kölibri, Hamburg, (Group-Exhibition) photo-exhibiton „pure shots st. pauli“ , kölibri, gwa-st.pauli, hamburg/germany (mai)
recording and publishing the ep „terra humanum“ (mai)
recording and publishing the album „spacegarden“ (january)
Exhibitions and Activities 2008
published a 13 pic callendar in cooperation with a sozial-company (limited edition 500 pieces) (dezember)
t-shirt and logo-design for the reggae-punk band „mellon ballz“ (september)
development of the new acrylic-serial „the black white balance“ (111 pictures – finished in the end of 2009)
recording and publishing the rough album „green elephants on white asphalt“ (july) regarding „mother nature“
recording and publishing of the ep spacemood „war of The exploited“ (march) regarding human rights.
Exhibitions and Activities 2007
recording and publishing the rough album „spacemood -the adrenalin of st. pauli“ (part 1 und 2)
exhibitions in hamburg: „artefacts“ galerie palme Hamburg
Exhibitions and Activities 2006
readings in hamburg out of „Nordlicht-Prosa: Gedanken
zur abstrakten Revolution“ (northern light-prose: thoughts regarding the abstract revolution)
solo-concerts, cabaret and music (südseeboy) among others in hamburger kammerspiele and various exhibitions in hamburg
Exhibitions and Activities 2005
the art-highway-community changes the name in „künstlergruppe 13 uhr sieben“ (artists association 13:07 p.m.)
exhibition native roots on hawkwinds speed, hamburg
collection of poems and pictures: wo die rosen dem ende die wurzeln zeigen (where the roses show their roots to the end)
classes with wolfgang genoux (former superior student of joseph beuys), freie kunstschule hamburg, fiu
Exhibitions and Activities 2004
six exhibitions in hamburg and surroundings (among others kunstcafe fandango, townhall-passage, art-avenue osterstraße, hew electricity-supplier)
the picture „boom!“ is being used as cover picture for the cd-supplement of the punkrock-magazine plastic-bomb (circulation: 10.000)
„südseeboy – ich will mich nicht ändern, ändert Ihr euch doch“südseeboy cd – i don’t want to change – change yourself“ cd is being published by docmacrock-records.<br>
Exhibitions and Activities 2003
„spacemood – you are what you think“ (docmacrock-records) is being published. solo-instrumental-album.<br>
cover picture for the album of „Georgia „, rock-group from hamburg
Exhibitions and Activities 2002
the picture „robot-man“ is being used as cover picture for the cd-supplement by the punkrock-magazine plastic-bomb (circulation: 8.000)
publisch the book „kosmostrahlen“ with paintings and poems (cosmos-flash)
poems: ralf oldenburg + markus brillert, pictures: markus brillert (sold out)<br>
the art-highway-community is being founded (voluntary association of hamburg artists)
Exhibitions and Activities 2001
inauguration of, art-portal
exhibition „mit deiner liebe nicht“ (not with your love), hamburg
collection of poems „die sonne noch röter“ (the sun even more red) (published by myself and out of print)