Spacemood is my instrumental art-music project since 2003.

Most of the songs are developed by creative commens. Enjoy a journey with a lot of woops and brizzz into space!

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Spacemood at Bandcamp

2017 Essential Spacemood 2007 – 2017 (Tape) including three new tracks
2013 Psychedelic Love Bomb (Album)
2011 Gentrification Radar (Album)
2011 Electro Space Kraut (Single)
2010 Evolution Universe (Album)
2010 Flying Astronauts (Single)
2010 Mothership (EP)
2009 Terra Humanum (EP)
2009 Spacegarden (Album)
2008 Green Elephants on white Asphalt (Album)
2008 War of the exploited (EP)
2007 Adrenalin of St. Pauli Part Two (Album)
2007 Adrenalin of St. Pauli Part One (Album)
2003 You are what you think (Album)